Stephania erecta

Stephania erecta

It is no wonder that the stunning Stephania erecta is so sought after.  


This rare beauty is native to Southeast Asia and Australasia. It has a delicate vine which grows from a large potato-like caudex, with dainty round leaves and yellow flowers.


The foliage is seasonal and the vine will die back temporarily in winter and regrow in the Spring.


The Stephania erecta is surprisingly low maintenance. Happiest in bright, indirect light, avoid direct sunlight which may scorch its leaves.

The caudex stores water so treat this plant as a semi-succulent and allow the  growing medium to dry out between watering. Do not water during the winter months while the plant is dormant, keep the caudex dry and at temperatures no lower than 15C.


Terracotta pot & saucer included.


    Pot size: 20cm

    Height: 15cm