Selenicereus anthonianus

Selenicereus anthonianus

Fishbone Cactus


The Selenicereus Anthonianus is a beautiful epiphytic cactus species that grow on trees in subtropical areas of Mexico. Its long, wavy leaves can grow up to 60cm long.


Also known as a Fishbone Cactus but differs from its common namesake, the Epiphyllum Anguliger, though similar in appearance, the flower is the big difference; when happy, this plant produces large pink/cream flowers. 


This plant will thrive in a bright spot with a little morning or late afternoon sun. Epiphytic cacti are not as drought tolerant as traditional cacti, but will not tolerate overwatering. Allow the top of the soil to dry in between watering sand water infrequently during winter.


    Pot size: 15cm

    Height: 30-40cm