Medinilla magnifica 'Flamenco'

Medinilla magnifica 'Flamenco'

Rose Grape, Philippine Orchid


The Medinilla Flamenca is a beautiful flowering indoor plant. The large, deep green, glossy leaves make the perfect backdrop for the pink drops of long-lasting flowers. She will add a tropical touch to any room.  The pictures really do not do this plant justice!

Medinilla is part of the Melastomaceae family and is native to the Philippine rainforests. 


Happiest in bright, indirect light and loves a warm, humid environment. Avoid direct heat sources such as radiators or fires but do not allow to get too cold! Allow the top of the soil to dry before watering and do not allow the soil to become soggy. Mist frequently.

This plant will grow quite large but is happy to be pruned back after flowering.


Pet friendly


Pot sold separately. Requires a pot with a diameter greater than 17cm.



    Pot: 17cm

    Height: 55cm


    Please note that this plant is for Local Delivery or Click & Collect only.