Dracaena reflexa 'Anita'

Dracaena reflexa 'Anita'

Dragon Tree or Anita Plant


This Dracaena has glossy, slender leaves which turn from light to a deeper green as it ages. This is a young plant and as it grows it will create thick branches.

The Dracaena family are native to Africa, Central America and Asia and make pretty low maintenance houseplants.

Keep in bright, indirect light. Will tolerate lower light levels but this may affect the patterns of the variegated leaf varieties.

Water reglarly during the warmer months, less in winter. Water when the soil is dry and do not allow soil to become soggy. Overwatering tends to discolour the leaves, while underwatering can make leaves curl at the edges.


Please be aware that this plant is toxic to pets


Pot sold separately



    Pot size: 17

    Height: 40-45cm


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