Ceropegia woodii

Ceropegia woodii

String of Hearts


Beautiful & delicate, the lace-patterened variegated leaves with a purplish hue are sure to capture your heart! Relatively easy to look after, this semi-succulent trailing plant is perfect for a hanging basket or to cascade over a shelf.


Happiest in bright light - intense midday sun will scorch the leaves however allowing some direct early morning or evening sunlight will enhance the colour.

As a semi succulent, water is stored in the leaves and stems, so she'll be somewhat drough tolerant but keep slightly moist and do not allow to completely dry out. Be careful not to overwater and reduce watering in winter. Keep at normal room temperature with some humidity and away from draughts. The vines will grow relatively quickly and to lengths of up to 2m, cut back any straggly vines to keep her looking her best!


While the String of Hearts is not known to be toxic , care should be taken and the plant kept away from pets and children.


Pot sold separately


    Pot: 8cm

    Height: 15cm


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