Calathea makoyana

Calathea makoyana

Peacock Plant


This beautiful calathea will make a stunning addition to your collection. 


Diffused, indirect sunlight will result in a taller plant with big leaves - these beauties can grow to around 2ft tall. Avoid direct sunlight which can cause the gorgeous markings to fade. Can tolerate lower light levels but the foliage will not reach its full potential. Keep at normal room temperature and no lower than 15C.

Water little and often, keeping soil damp but not soggy or soaked; water less in winter. Loves humidity so mist regularly or sit on a tray of wet pebbles. Keep leaves dust-free by damp-dusting or popping in the shower occasionally.


Pet safe 


Pot sold seperately


    Pot size: 12cm

    Height: 25cm