Brighamia Insignis

Brighamia Insignis

Hawaiin Palm


This bright and interesting plant is relatively easy to care for and will add a tropical touch to your collection. It can withstand lower temperatures so perfect for a colder room in the winter months. It will be happiest in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to dry before watering - the Hawaiin Palm is a semi-succulent and is pretty drought-tolerant - he will not appreciate over-watering!


This plant will produce cream-yellow flowers that produce a lovely fragrance. The bottom leaves will naturally turn yellow - remove these to create the wonderful palm tree stem.


In its natural habitat, the Hawaiin Palm relied upon a now extinct moth to polinate and reproduce naturally. On the brink of extinction itself, the Hawaiian Palm relies solely on human help to survive. By purchasing one, you are helping to assist the survival of an endangered species. Demand for these plants encourages commercial propagation of the Brighamia Insignis and encourages long term survival.


The fabulous Hawaiian Palm is a beautiful sight in the garden or living room, creating a tropical ambience with its magnificent green leaves and exotic appearance.





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    Height: 45cm

    Pot size: 12cm


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